Recent News

New screenshots available [08.05.2005]

- screenshots of new UI are available; note that these are not in-game screenshots

sodomaLite 2.1 WIP [07.05.2005]

- mindnever is hardly working on sodomaLite v2.1 (screenshots of new UI will be available later this day)
- version v1.0 is no more available for download

sodomaLite v2.0.2 update [29.04.2005]

- faster and better network communication
- smoother gameplay
- fadeout of mouse cursor
- fixed all known bugs & memory leaks

sodomaLite music available for download [28.04.2005]

- original music tracks for sodomaLite

sodomaLite v1.0 source code released [27.04.2005]

- complete source-code for sodomaLite v1.0; note that it's very buggy

sodomaLite v2.0.1 update #1 [24.04.2005]

- small fix (needed for v2.0.1 to work)

sodomaLite v2.0.1 released [17.04.2005]

- splashscreen
- faster game-load
- faster & smoother network (even more in the future)
- secondary weapons support (hold W to fire)
- radar
- automatic detection of tables, ships, weapons & music
- lots of bugfixes
- updated sodomaLite.txt
- compiled with FreePascal

sodomaLite v2.1 announce [14.04.2005]

- sodomaLite v2.1 set for release in the beginning of may 2005. new features include split screen which allows two player mode on single computer, faster network, layout enhancements, new ships, weapons and tables. stay tuned!

sodomaLite finished 3rd [01.04.2005]

- pascal game development competition finished with sodomaLite as third best!

sodomaLite on web [22.03.2005]

- we've created small web presentation for sodomaLite, and it's what you looking at now.

sodomaLite v1.2 update [19.03.2005]

- fixed main menu (problem with Host Game button)
- hosted game can be stopped, player can leave after he joined game
- gameplay is smoother
- added variable sound.maxchannels
- various bugfixes (especially network-related)
- powerups in table Terraforming Platform are now working
- more documentation in sodomaLite.txt

sodomaLite v1.1 update [17.03.2005]

- fixed problems with network communication

sodomaLite v1.0 released [15.03.2005]

- PGD deadline was today and we released sodomaLite for download